Hillary In Leather

Might we see her in a latex catsuit next?

If any recent public figure made a statement with her wardrobe choices, it was ex-Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Her signature light-colored pantsuits created as much an iconic look for this particular lady as Jackie O’s pillbox hat and Michelle Obama ‘going’ sleeveless. But all of us lovers of a specific textile art-fullness, specifically where alternate material choices are concerned, had a reason to give Bill Clinton’s lady a thumbs up recently. At a Professional Business Women of California Conference last week, Mrs. Clinton appeared in a black leather jacket, black pants and floral shirt.

Culturally we’ve pretty much come to expect the black jacket turn from men. From Brando in “The Wild One,” to Elvis’ ’68 “Comeback Special” (dressed in head-to-toe black leather actually) to John Travolta’s T-Bird leader in Grease, the ubiquitous leather jacket has been recognized as male king-of-the-heap style. Yes, we did have Beyoncé wearing her Dsquared2 black leather jacket during her 2016 Super Bowl half-time show, but for a woman of such important feminist presence as Hillary Clinton sporting a leather jacket made quite the statement across the web.

What sartorial choices say about a particular person in the public eye is anybody’s guess. Public figures, be they rock stars or politicians have scores of stylists helping them pick their outfits for any given day. For our purposes it really is, as it always is with alternative wardrobe outfits and accessories being widely viewed in the mainstream, the fact they made to the point where we can view them in the mainstream.

Be it rubber clothing, a black leather jacket or some latex, we are just happy to see yet again, another well-known personality, and a lady at that, sporting something cool and slightly alternative to her usual fashion choice.

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