What Beyoncé Wears When Going Around Again

Currently working through the European stage of their huge On the Run Tour 11, Beyoncé and JAY-Z reveal a costume during the show that would even make a latex clothing devote stand-up and take notice. Interestingly enough, though we reported on the couture the couple is using in ORT11, one of the most unique (and downright sexy) dresses to take notice of appears only on video during the show.

Getting’ Sexy At The 2015 Met Gala

The Gala, one of NYC’s biggest annual events, celebrated the Met’s “China: Through the Looking Glass” exhibition. The many rooms of this year’s featured collection is bigger and bolder then most of what the Met attempts, with a great grand history of the ancient culture represented in everything from high couture to Ming Vases. Having an affinity for the east as we do, with our Japanese-influenced latex kimonos and our Asian dragon dresses we certainly champion a western institution like the Met revealing the influence of another culture, one far from its American shores.

Beyoncé & Topshop

Dawnamatrix supporter Beyoncé is not the only modern-day performer to partner with/create a fashion label or dabble in accessories. Less we forget Rihanna working with River Island, Madonna and her daughter Lourdes’ “Material Girl” selling at Macy’s; the list of pop and fashion working business models and creating brands together grows daily. In fact, it seems these days one isn’t a pop singer or famous personality without, at the very least, supporting or hawking for a couture label, creating a new collection with a fashion designer or developing a whole new brand.