Kendall and Kim Get Robbed In The Ocean

This spin-off film is said to follow a group of female robbers who hit the infamous fashion night and make away with millions in jewels. Surely these most famous Instagram stars, Kim Kardashian West and Kendall Jenner appear in the movie in cameo’s (this will actually mark Jenner’s first appearance in a film), still where Kanye’s wife is concerned, is even fictional jewel thievery a little too much art imitating life?

Wagging The Dog In The Digital Fashion World

Just these two examples, and there are certainly plenty more, reveal the truth we all live with presently. No longer is social media and the net being influenced or reporting on culture, the reverse now exists, where apps and the social networking are influencing and driving fashion and style, so much so that whole new business are sprouting up from a Grindr or a Kim Kardashian West looking for bloggers (a job no one had before the net) for her beauty app.

Fergie Is a Mom We’d Like To Follow…In Latex

At 41 and a mom herself, Fergie certainly qualifies as a MILF (no matter what word you want to use for the ‘F’). Her new candy-colored video features openly out gay Spanish supermodel hunk Jon Kortajarena, delivering milk to a bevy of MILF’s, Fergie leading the gaggle. The scenes change from backyard lawns to soda fountains, to classrooms to bathtubs, pretty much each time showing Fergie and her friends in latex costume designs.