The Weekly Round-Up: Megan Thee Stallion channels Marie Antoinette, Dua Lipa’s “goes cowboy,” and Billie Eilish wears Skims(R).

As we span the news feed looking for recent alternate wardrobe moments, sexy latex styles, and all manner of the latest haute couture trends, we came across three breezy little stories this week. The trio of young divas, Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa, and Billie Eilish, happen to be leading the pack both with what they are wearing as costumes and as just underthings.

Megan Thee Stallion appeared in this week’s episode of HBO Max’s “Legendary,” pretty much channeling Marie Antoinette. For the “Ovah Ball” episode, the “Savage” singer was aided and abetted by stylist Brookelyn Styles. She was fitted with a high powdered wig and designer Bryan Hearns’ plushy pink corset and matching panties. Megan also sported a garter belt.

Megan Thee Stallion is also a judge on Legendary, the ‘voguing’ competition show that premiered in May of last year.

In her new video for the song “Love Again,” Dua Lipa shows off some sure country style. In the clip (see here), the British songstress wears cut-offs, a leather vest, and boots, and the one accessory every cowgirl certainly needs…a cowboy hat.

In the clip, Dua Lipa is shown dancing in the middle of a bunch of other cowgirls as much as riding a mechanical bull.

While their infamous reality show might be ending this year, Kim Kardashian West’s eye for detail is no less sharp. KKW noticed that in the new video for her song “Lost Cause,” Billie Eilish is wearing a piece from Skims, Kardashian’s shapewear line.

Kardashian posted a clip from the “Lost Cause” video on her Instagram Story, writing “@billieeilish ‘Lost Cause’ music video. I spy Skims.” Eilish responded in her own Instagram Story, adding a heart-face emoji about the clip where she is seen frolicking in comfy clothes with a bunch of girlfriends.

Will there be more alternative, fun, and sexy couture coming in the summer from our best and brightest?

There always is.

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