A Rented Wedding Dress: Is Carrie Symonds Bolstering A Trend?

While we realize that they probably won’t ever be trending in the mainstream, Dawnamatrix has still sold plenty of bespoke and catalog latex wedding dresses. As we always hope, we want brides (and grooms) to feel they can express themselves as much as they like beyond convention and tradition, if that is their want. It seems U.K. activist Carrie Symonds may be bucking convention herself with her wedding dress choice. She married U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the weekend wearing a rented wedding dress.

In this recent Fashionista posting, the website considers why more wedding dresses are not indeed rented. Of course, tuxedo rentals are ubiquitous, as are pretty much any other item needed for the actual nuptials. But it seems Gen Z sustainability consumer values, plus that little global pandemic we just passed through, is changing brides’ minds about renting the dress for their big day. Although as this article opines, the U.S. still needs a nudge to rental over what the U.K. and other countries have been doing.

latex wedding dress

Renting three dresses of various colors from wardrobe renter My Wardrobe H.Q. (her wedding dress and three others), Carrie Johnson was indeed keeping to her well-known eco-conscious concerns as much as she was hoping to throw off the press. Johnson chose a Christos Costarellos tulle wedding gown, rented at £45 per day, and she and Johnson married in a secret ceremony held at Westminster Cathedral.

Johnson is already a somewhat controversial figure and twice-divorced. There seemed to be some Twitter grumbling over the fact that he was allowed to marry in a Catholic church again. But church authorities assured the press that “all necessary steps were taken, in both church and civil law,” so Johnson could indeed enjoy his third ceremony the way the couple wished.

Johnson and Symonds sent our save-the-date cards for a bigger celebration to be held on July 30, 2022.

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