#Clowncore Anyone?

Polka dots, clashing prints, rainbow colors, balloon pants, big collars, and bows, as much as child-like accessories, are the order of the day here.

Lady Gaga-NYC-Harley Quinn

In the scenes seen, this Harley Quinn wears red lipstick matching her equally bright, tight red blazer with its short sleeves meeting at the elbows.

You can’t Keep A Good Costume Down

It might ‘only’ ever be seen in a game, or not ever seen at all (so far) but be it made of latex, PVC leather, or carry a hint of steampunk even about it, there is no keeping a good cosplayer’s dream costume down.

The Handmaid’s Tale & Harley Quinn…So Inspiring

Fantasy fare is once again upon us and we say, ‘Let The Latex Couture Shine!’ The Handmaid’s Tale Season four release date dropped this week. The many fans of Margaret Atwood’s bestselling novel, and the Hulu series launched in 2017 from it, have been waiting on the edge of their seats since season three ended …


Halloween Couture For 2016

For pure science fiction, we saw the most popular science fiction movie franchise return this year with Star Wars: The Force Awakens; get ready for more Stormtroopers as the very least of the S.W. cinema wardrobe you will see. And with Star Trek’s 50th celebrated in 2016, we might just see lots of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock coming to our parties.

Getting’ Excited By Suicide Squad…A Whole Half A Year Away

Though criticism has already been leveled at Delevingne’s bikini (where do we ever see Enchantress really ever show so much skin?) and Jared Leto’s Joker’s tats have been blogged about incessantly, we’ve already seen plenty of Suicide Squad cosplay…with so many baddies on screen, this is a film just bursting with possibilities really. Can we even count how many young women wore hot short pink shorts and pony tails at last year’s Comic-Con?; this year’s Comic Cons and Halloween 2016 will certainly see even more men, women and kids dressing-up as the Squad. Supporting a costume design/wardrobe department that IMDB lists as forty three person strong, we alt. cinema wardrobe lovers are salivating over Suicide Squad…and all the news we get about it.