Halloween Couture For 2016

160926224602-20-presidential-debate-0926-super-169Cosplayers might conspire building latex outfits and leather accessories, but for the layman (and woman) even ‘lay-kids’ Halloween hopefuls hedge their bets for the month ahead. As is true every year, specific movies influence costume popularity, old standards get updated and in an election year especially, we will see specific masks to be sure. Halloween 2016 will soon come trick-or-treating to your door in a multitude of ways.

While a Jimmy Fallon or a Steven Colbert take their nightly swings at the Presidential candidates, don’t be surprised when you catch plenty of men and women (maybe kids too) sporting either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump “stick masks”, as well those plastic full-face-coverings held secure by a weak string. With the first 2016 Presidential debate just passed, folks certainly will be racing out to party supply superstores and searching online at costume centers to pick up the mask of who they are as much stumping for, as against.

Then there is the collection of Suicide Squad characters sure to be seen this spooky season. Harley Quinn in her tight blue/red shorts might take the place of the obligatory “Sexy French Maid” or naughty witch for daring ladies (and wielding the bat Harley does women can be assured of some respect) while an update on The Joker, as well as Deadshot are sure to be a hit in costume design. In keeping with movie superheroes, less we forget we did have Captain America: Civil War this year. We are bound to see the Captain, as well as Black Widow, Iron Man and a whole host of others from that movie stopping by for candy. And let’s not forget all the female Ghostbusters we will see.ghostbusters-1

For pure science fiction, we saw the  most popular science fiction movie franchise return this year with Star Wars: The Force Awakens; get ready for more Stormtroopers as the very least of the S.W. cinema wardrobe you will see. And with Star Trek’s 50th celebrated in 2016, we might just see lots of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock coming to our parties.

Surely a Dracula cape will never go out of style, but who knows what ‘new’ Halloween Couture we will see for 2016.

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