Dressing Up For The Last Dinner Party

But when one looks at (and listens to) The Last Dinner Party, it is impossible not to notice their sartorial panache.

From Bowie To Reznor, Fashion Always Rocks

Celebrating David Bowie for what would have been his 74th birthday, Trent Reznor, of NIN fame (a rabid Bowie fan), participated with a bunch of other notables in the “A David Bowie Celebration: Just For One Day!” A clip from that show of Reznor, Atticus Ross, the Bowie alumni band (Mike Garson, Carlos Alomar, Gery Leonard, Mark Plati, Sterling Campbell and Catherine Russell) and Reznor’s wife Maandig Reznor recreating Bowie’s song “Fashion,” was ‘dropped’ at the beginning of this week.

Stardust Trailer Drops

The thing about David Bowie we must all remember is what a trend ‘pusher’ he was. Flirting with andrology as much in what he wore as in how he conducted himself, he was quite the controversial character.

Kansai Yamamoto

In recent years we have seen plenty of fashion designers creating latex costumes, alternative bespoke wardrobe pieces, and signature accessories for some of our most illustrious pop stars. We almost take for granted the marriage of haute couture and pop. And one could argue that Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto was one of the earliest to …


David Bowie and Playboy: Icons

The main subjects of two publications that are in the news this week have seen a decidedly long association with alternative fashions, be it leather, lace or latex couture. With both— David Bowie and Playboy—having affected culture in acutely profound ways. Infamous rock photographer Mick Rock was the picture-taker of record during David Bowie’s “Ziggy …


David Bowie Icon: A Personal Reminisce

From the flaxen haired folk troubadour, to pushing past the boundaries of androgyny (and more or less inventing glam rock) with his spaceman alter ego Ziggy Stardust (certainly influencing some of own ‘space oddity’ styles https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/new-items/plugsuit-style-catsuit/ & https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/collections/classics/spiked-bodysuit/ . to pursuing Orwellian soundscapes as a Diamond Dog, then mining “Philly Soul” as the emaciated Thin White Duke (a period in his life where Bowie himself said he was scared by what he was becoming), to celebrating the synth laden dark tonalities of “Krautrock,” to all his acting, producing, writing songs for others, laying down the price of “Fame” with John Lennon, to selling stock in his songwriting royalties seeing well into the digital age and then releasing brilliant albums this century, up to his last Blackstar, released just last week on the man’s 69th birthday, containing all too prophetic songs like “Lazarus” (see the video embedded here…and Bowie just broke Vevo’s music video record) really is there anybody better then David Bowie?