Kim Fitting

Proving nothing ever dies on the Internet—not even a latex wardrobe dressing moment—a clip has just resurfaced of Kim Kardashian that has her fans considering (and posting about) the lady’s fashion choices. Back in 2020, Kim attended a Balenciaga fashion show with sister Kourtney during Paris Fashion Week. In the clip, first aired on Keeping Up …


Latex: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Really, any time is a good time for wearing, buying, ‘gifting’ latex (yes, it’s our job to say this, but we really do feel this way). With the mainstream coming to our side more and more each year, popular videos featuring every style imaginable, and not just latex, and the proliferation of designers and latex websites (and as we always say, competition just makes us all the better in the end) latex is here for all to enjoy…and give for the holidays ahead.

3-D Printing and Latex: The Latest Findings

Sometimes it’s only about how cute we look in a latex dress or how much our muscles bulge in a tight rubber shirt. Then other times—and indeed for a latex designer—it’s about finding the right material and texture or setting the perfect color for the textile art that we engage in. Then modern fashion, culture, …


Dawnamatrix In The Philadelphia Museum of Art book “Off the Wall: American Art to Wear.”

This article elaborates on WOW’s (The World Of Wearable Art) global importance in an academic context…and quite the global importance the competition holds. Our “Foreign Bodies” outfit, which was awarded the Overall International Design Award, International Award: Americas Winner at the WOW competition in 2018, makes an appearance in the book.  Designing bespoke latex, flattered …



Reading this blog as you are right now, you may have noticed some changes to our latex designs. Well, not specifically to our wardrobe choices, although we are ever adding and updating the Dawamatrix catalog, but to our website. We recently underwent an overhaul of our online presence and feel we are now showing off …


WOW-ed a 3rd Time?

This last idea, how alternative fashion can impact the global sphere, is very much at the heart of the World of WearableArt competition we have been involved with and have won at in the past two years. This year marks our third entry into the competition, and just this week we learned that we passed the pre-selection round and our entry, in the avant-garde category, is on its way to New Zealand for the next round of judging