The Sweetness of Sweetest Pie

“Sweetest Pie,” is pretty much a stunning all-around accomplishment directed by David Meyers and starring two of our most amazing modern talents.

Celebrating Photographer Icon Peter Lindbergh

Although more in the mainstream fashion world than the alternate couture one, famed photographer Peter Lindbergh, who died this week, captured all there was of clothes, the people who wore them, and even the times more than most of his contemporaries.

Fitting Well Is the Best Revenge: Adapting To The Adapt BB

We are all certainly aware of how a snug fit in a latex wardrobe piece is crucial to how good we look when we dress up. Fitting right in something formfitting is what we lovers of alternate couture are as much after as making sure we can maintain a good shine. This week Nike unveiled their new Adapt BB basketball sneaker, with not so much a shine as this is the first shoe of its kind to use technology to assure a perfect tight fit.

The 3 Things You Can Do To Get Your Latex Look Looking Even Better

Loath that we are to admit it, it sometimes takes a bit more than just buying from a reputable designer making killer alternate couture (we can recommend one of course) to get your latex outfit looking smashing. We as much get customers coming to us ordering custom made wardrobes, as others who want to just grab a pair of leggings right off our site. In all instances we are here to help as much as we can, forever hoping our customers go away happy and come back time and again. But there are also a few suggestions we try to impart at conventions, backstage at runway shows, as much in emails and just in every day gossiping to potential clients and friends that we feel make a latex look look even better.

It Ain’t Got That Latex Swing, Without Wonderful Models Doing Their Thing

Modes Anne Ashe (she is the brunette) and Meadow Bosworth (blonde) had their hair and makeup done by Jessie Campbell, for a shoot by the wonderful Paul Allan. Anne is modeling our Butterfly Mermaid Gown Meadow one of our classic underwire bras and dragon fin collar.