Latex in 2024?

Surely, we see latex accessorizes, mix and matched latex pieces with other textiles and full latex wardrobes beyond a rap diva’s video or cosplay dress up.

Looking At Alternative Fashions 2023-Part 2

Were there more moments of latex finery in 2023…you bet. And there will be more to come in 2024, we are sure. Stay tuned and happy New Year (a week early) to you all.

Looking At 2023 Fashions-Part 1

ndeed, there were stunning latex turns this year; we promise we’ll get to them. But there were many other interesting and sometimes completely alt. couture moments that we all saw…and might not have believed.

Fashion awards london

Unfortunately, looking for latex couture at the most recent Fashion Awards in London was a fool’s errand.

Dawnamatrix & Sukeban In Miami

Writer Cassidy George starts by commenting on how pro-women Japanese wrestling was a surprise to lots of the usual Art Basel Miami patrons.

Vogue Weighs In On The Popularity Of Latex In 2023

Yes, it is latex ‘here to stay.’ Yes, it is a favorite material of our better-known. Yes, it is the damn sexiest material you can wiggle your curves into. And yes, it comes in many colors, styles, and wardrobe items.