National Red Mitten Day

And although we are more comfortable in latex gloves when accessorizing something for our hands, surely in the cold months (and surely in Canada) a mitten, red or otherwise, could make an outing ever more comfortable.

Dolly Parton Rocks In Latex?

One might say that this all began with latex when Dolly finally accepted her R&RHoF award by performing on the night she was inducted wearing a latex catsuit.

Dallas Fetish Ball

Everything might be bigger in Texas, as the old saying goes, but the big old state played perfect host to a great time for the alternative fashion faithful fetish fan. 

Erika Jayne Does It Again…and Again

The main takeaway though is that Erika Jayne loves her latex…and she damn well has a body that looks great in the second-skin material.

Adele in Velvet, Bieber in Latex and The Riverdale Ladies as DC’s Leading Vixens: Halloween 2023

And not that she wore latex (and speaking of velvet!), but we can always count on Heidi Klum to bring the costume A-game. This year, she was dressed as a peacock, a cadre of Cirque du Soleil’s acrobats around her. She came dressed in a blue velveteen jumpsuit with added prosthetics that looked just like a bird’s beak and feet. Her husband, Tom Kaulitz, dressed as an egg.

Lots of Latex Off Our Shores

Lastly, traveling to Italy, an American celebrity wearing latex, Kourtney Kardashian-Barker, is featured on the present front cover of Vanity Fair Italia.