THe Batsuit

The noir sensibility of Matt Reeves’ directorial style and Pattison’s brooding Caped Crusader influenced the film’s costume designers to follow forward with their more “utilitarian” approach to the iconic main character’s iconic costume

Kardashians, Jenners and A Miami Mistress

Accessorizing with short boots, a black clutch, and black sunglasses, Jenner looked super stylish attending the bar mitzvah of her nephew Mason Disick.

Babylon Couture

The opulence of the quickly morphing culture of moviedom reflected in the actions, sound, lights, and, yes, the dress of the times, is surely clearly defined in Babylon

More Barbicore

For those interested, the essentials named by CNN include bright colors, minidresses, platform shoes, heart-shaped accessories, and lots of pinks and purples.

Dojo Cat Is Dazed In Latex

Stunning stuff, to be sure. But we are used to this kind of eye-catching display from Dojo Cat.

Latex In The Metaverse?

What does all this mean for slipping into a latex thong or attending fashion shows in the future?

Art Basel Brings Them Out

And it certainly didn’t seem too hot for our best and brightest to wear just about anything they wanted at the yearly platform for global artists to showcase their wares; Miami’s Art Basel.

UK Fetish Awards Post Event Roundup

Dipping our toes back into alt. fashion get-togethers (pretty much getting back together in general) and party happenings in a post-Covid world, those at the UK Fetish Awards gathering were well supported by known brands/producers on the scene.