Dojo Cat Is Dazed In Latex

As much from what she wore on Halloween when paying respect to “Animal Crossing” (a bespoke pink latex dress sporting a flower print, matched with striped latex socks) and her love of a wide variety of textiles (as seen in her Streets video) Dojo Cat likes to make a statement with her wardrobe. She certainly does so with aplomb in the Winter 2022 Dazed Magazine, sporting latex outfits from a cross-section of designers. 

In one look, D.C. is wearing a blood-red mini dress, sporting tassels, and straps, accessorizing with black latex stockings and opera gloves.

In her second latex couture, she sports a skin-tight, translucent dress featured in designer AVELLANO’s Spring-Summer 2023 collection.

Pairing two brands, in her third look for the magazine, we get the 27-year-old singer in a plunging lace bra, choker, and taffeta skirt.

And in her final shiny latex wardrobe look, Dojo Cat wears another latex bra, again transparent blood red, featuring a frilly triangle cup. Along with this outfit, she sports a sleeveless open shirt with an oversized buckle fixed across her waist and a long black skirt.

These are all stunning looks, to be sure, as much as the luscious, shiny colors of the latex chosen offset Dojo Cat’s beautiful complexion as the couture styles selected. But it is one particular pink outfit, giving off no shine at all, that is the most arresting. Dojo Cat’s entire head is encased in netted latex material, as is the rest of her body, and she sets off the look perfectly with twin belts circling her mid-section, and a furry black jacket held just across her arms.

Dojo Cat

Stunning stuff, to be sure, all of it. But we are used to this kind of eye-catching display from Dojo Cat. Her working with latex, more often than not, really makes it hard to resist this particular feline.

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