Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015, Saturday Night Fashion Show Video

During our presentation (seen in the video here) our models got to play out a full narrative, complete with music and special effects in what we called “The Harbingers of Fantasy.” Created exclusively for this year’s MFW, with clothes we were premiering during the weekend, our models Holy Scar, The Richard, Hailey Louise, Kerri Taylor, Brian Gashlin, Shamz, Tish Marie, and Nancy Tigress walked among lights, music and all manner of drama strutting and showcasing our couture. It was a spacey interactive play, with no dialogue but plenty of sure meaning and lots of grand latex costuming.

Playing and Partying At 2015 Montreal Fetish Weekend: LATEXTACY SIN-A-MATIC BALL

There are plenty of men and women who attend Montreal Fetish Weekend to see, wear and enjoy wonderful latex clothing (which we can promise you will be on hand), but there is so much beyond the fantasy fashions that occur during the weekend. One such occurrence is the LATEXTACY SIN-A-MATIC BALL happening on Saturday September 5th.

This grand costumed affair features Hollywood “Red Carpet” glamour in a fetish fantasy theme. And though latex fashion is featured, LATEXTACY-like all of the MFW-is full of love for anything partiers wish to wear, from leather, to pvc, lingerie and any and all kinds of Xdressing.

Who’s Who For Team Dawnamatrix @ Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015

As we have every year we have attended, we just know a fantastically lavish loving time awaits us at this year’s Montreal Fetish Weekend. You simply cannot get all these wild latex aficionados in such a great city for a weekend and to have a blast! With the team above behind us, the sky is the limit to what Dawnamatrix will achieve his year in showing our wares, in networking…but mostly in having fun with all our friends and all the talented people who make this all possible for us.

Dawnamatrix Designs & Von Gutenberg Issue #9…A Perfect Fit

There is Ella Kross from Tel-Aviv wearing our Lace Gown, Crissy Daniels shows-off in our Pinstripe Infusion Minidress as well as modeling one of our unique accessories, in this case our Dragon Fin Collar. The Richard, the only featured male model this time around in the magazine (a horror movie/alt.model/rock and roll scene-ster Canadian native) who exemplifies the move-theme of this Von Gutenberg issue, and actually models for us in our online catalogu, shows-off his powerfully built bod in our Damask Vest, Men’s Galaxy Zip Tank, Plug Style Catsuit and Straight Leg Trousers.

The Montreal Fetish Weekend & Dawnamatrix’s New Line

As far as lifestyle fetish events go The Montreal Fetish Weekend ranks right up there with the very best. It’s truly a provocative mix of people and events. But what truly makes the event is how the city itself is so very welcoming to the many finely festooned fashionistas making their way in and out of Metro stops, across sunlight walkways on Ste-Catherine street, or in and out of retail shops and restaurants.