Playing and Partying At 2015 Montreal Fetish Weekend: LATEXTACY SIN-A-MATIC BALL

Latextacy_DawnamatrixThere are plenty of men and women who attend Montreal Fetish Weekend to see, wear and enjoy wonderful latex clothing (which we can promise you will be on hand), but there is so much beyond the fantasy fashions that are revealed during the weekend. One such occurrence is the LATEXTACY SIN-A-MATIC BALL happening on Saturday September 5th.

This grand costumed affair features Hollywood “Red Carpet” glamour in a fetish fantasy theme. And though latex fashion is featured, LATEXTACY-like all of the MFW-is full of love for anything partiers wish to wear, from leather, to pvc, lingerie and any and all kinds of Xdressing.

Candyass Cabaret, Catasta Charisma and ExxEss Latex guides attendees through the Telus Theater space where Il Bolero, Kurage & Dawnamatrix, will reveal a spectacular red carpet fashion presentation allowing everyone to view our models and wares from up close. For designers showing their finest in latest frockery, the intimate environs of a LATEXTACY really gives us the chance to gauge reactions to our designs and coaxes such a welcoming environment to answer questions and expound on our fashions as we show them.

Also on hand at this one-of-a-kind get together: artists and doms will thrill onlookers with interactive side-shows and play pods; Domina Elle, Mistress Merciless Chi and Catasta Charisma will be showcased in a truly unique (and oh-so-hot) heavy rubber presentation; Vengeance Designs will present a latex anime “Heroes vs Villains” interactive side-show presentation; Canadian bad boy film star and model THE Richard and his guest Holy Scar host the Kindreds Muze Hollywood Glamour photo booth and there will be multiple play areas open for those who like show-off their skills.

Of course with a party like this nothing much happens without wonderful music to cavort to. The musical ambiance for LATEXTACY will be provided by DJ Kommandandt and his special guest DJ Luk Perversion.

LATEXTACY will be held@ The Telus Theater, 1280 St-Denis Street. Admission: Access Pass (included)/tickets $40, dress code as you’d expect. Tickets available at

We’ll see you there.

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