Who’s Who For Team Dawnamatrix @ Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015

fwflyer_tishmarie_1By now you are well aware of what goes into team Dawnamatrix getting out to show our latex clothing. Whether setting up models in studio for a catalog shoot or readying all the elements for this year’s Montreal Fetish Weekend (which we are busying ourselves with presently) it is as much about gathering all our specific fantasy wardrobe pieces together, as it is amassing the talented folks around us to make sure we ‘show’ our very best.

This year, once again, we are thrilled to have Eva Guida joining us as our makeup artist (as well as model, see below.) We have worked with Eva in previous years and her artistry-so very important when working runway and print-is second-to-none and we are tickled she is on board. MFW has their own stylist team, as well. This year they have employed Garcons Sculpteurs to create for the street fashion show on 9/4 and to be the official hairstylist and salon for the MFW.

Of course a runway show is as much about the clothes revealed…as it is the models who are wearing them. This year we are proud to announce our models: Holy Scar, Kerri Taylor, Nadia Black, Nancy Tigres, The Richard, Hailey Louise, Shamz, Eva Guida, Tish Marie and Brian Gashlin webflyer dawnamatrix 6

As we have every year we have attended, we just know a fantastically lavish loving time awaits us at this year’s Montreal Fetish Weekend. You simply cannot get all these wild latex aficionados in such a great city for a weekend and not have a blast! With the team above behind us, the sky is the limit to what Dawnamatrix will achieve this year in showing our wares, in networking…but mostly in having fun with all our friends and all the talented people who make this all possible for us.

Onto Montreal!


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