Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015, Saturday Night Fashion Show Video

Showing casing our fetish clothing and latex couture in this last of two videos just released from Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015, you’ll see that the Saturday Night Fashion show was of a completely different order then the Friday afternoon runway strut. Surely one wants to make a good impression when hitting any runway, but with the crowd of alternative fashionistas that attend MFW every year, we have to as much be sure that the collections and clothes we are premiering are provocative and wearable, as we need present our wares in ever more creative ways.

We certainly pulled out all the stops for Saturday night’s show.

During our presentation (seen in the video here) our models got to play out a full narrative, complete with music and special effects in what we called “The Harbingers of Fantasy.” Created exclusively for this year’s MFW, with clothes we were premiering during the weekend, our models Holy Scar, The Richard, Hailey Louise, Kerri Taylor, Brian Gashlin, Shamz, Tish Marie, and Nancy Tigress walked among lights, music and all manner of drama strutting and showcasing our couture. It was a spacey interactive play, with no dialogue but plenty of sure meaning and lots of grand latex costuming.

We had plenty of room in our seven and a half minute showing of our ladies making their appearance on the main stage, then walking the long runway, then taking their place on the various platforms set among the crowd. As our characters emerged wearing pieces like our Butterfly Bodysuit and Dragon Fin Collar the subtle interplay of our dance-not-exactly-a-dance ended with our queen Tish Marie making her grand entrance…and team Dawnamarix right behind her.

Surely, having a collection of clothes to show that we were so proud of made us confident in attending the weekend. Seeing friends and fans we don’t usually get to see during the year is a special treat, as is hanging in Montreal. But marrying the extra special talents of our performers to the magic of stage craft, made the Dawnamatrix fashion show Saturday night really something otherworldly.

Have a look and let us know what you think.Screenshot 2015-12-12 09.20.51




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