Dawnamatrix @ Seattle Fashion Week 2016

xrfmohwz_400x400Latex clothing, alternative kimonos and dom outfits will certainly be making a splash come this Spring when Dawnamatrix participates in Seattle Fashion Week 2016. We’re planning on showcasing a very wearable collection influenced by this often rainy state we live in, where waterproof latex especially factors into the scene. Pulling out all the stops, we’ll show that in battling the weather ‘up here’ latex couture can serve one’s fashionable, as well as functional, needs.

In our world the belted knee-length classic Mackintosh trench coat (or “mac” as they call it in the U.K….where certainly the fashionista sees lots of rain) low heeled pointed toe boots and a body conforming dresses over leggings keep the cold and damp at bay. But one shouldn’t forget what we feel will be top trends come the New Year; florals, structure garments and bold colors. Luckily our wardrobe pieces do sport fantastically vibrant colors and deeply rendered textures, all of which we will show with the “bright and impermeable” theme we are planning for SFW.

Seattle’s fashion week showcases what we have always known, but have come to see on a daily basis now living in the Pacific Northwest: there is an impressive cluster of local designers in this area of the U.S. creating unique pieces for a very discerning clientele. Yes, rain proof and warmth are big concerns with couture here, but seeing that Seattle is #8 in the Top 20 US Metros for Fashion Designers, one could guess that people here have come to expect a lot more than just warmth and staying dry in what they wear.

We are as thrilled to have been welcomed into the uniquely artistic North Pacific community, as we are to be participating next year in what will prove to be one of the fashion highlights of our career, Seattle Fashion Week 2016. EmpLeggingsMain1-368x552

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