Heavy Rubber Relaunches

Of course there are lots of designers featured in H.R. (the models have to wear somebody’s wardrobe, right?), and we are thrilled to be in such illustrious company with alt. couture makers from throughout the world. As with Marquis, what you get in Heavy Rubber is a presentation of the very best talent-models, designers, photographers, visual artists and writers-from around the world.

Celebrating Model Monique Charriere

Over at The Fetishistas web portal (see here) there is a cover story on one of the top latex clothing models in the business, Monique Charriere. We keep up with The Fetishistas, reporting as it does on a wide range of international alternative lifestyle and happenings and wild styles.

Looking For Fetish Models?

Into the summer now and Terminal F. is getting lots of attention, as Sister Sinister attempts to lift the site from a mere membership spot fans can go to buy pictures and other goodies from the models they love. As more women add to the website, its Sister Sinister’s hope that Terminal F will become the one-stop location for us all looking for talent in the fetish clothing world…and beyond.

Marquis Relaunches

What has always been fun about Marquis is the wide range of fashion one could always be sure to see in the magazine. Yes, the models are top notch in the field, the photography of the highest standard, but from rubber clothing to latex to PVC (and pretty much whatever else struck a startling sex chord) Marquis was (and still is) the source for what’s happening in fetish clothing. The change over from German-based (and born) Czerich to the American Martell might have been trying at times for both men, but looking at this first ‘new’ issue Marquis seems to have come out even stronger than before.

The End Of Marquis Magazine

Certainly, we see latex clothing pushing ever stronger into the mainstream these days. Phenomena like Fifty Shades Of Grey or even the latest outfit Kendall Jenner might be wearing gives alternate concerns/and couture ever greater attention…and as San Diego Comic-Con grows ever closer the world will be yet again get some good eye-candy view of hard working cosplayers (and we have just the jacket for it https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/steampunk/gunslinger-jacket-2/). But for the most part ours is still a small community of folks, albeit a global one to be sure, who enjoy wearing latex clothing and attending events to show off and play. When one of our own closes shop, as Germany’s Marquis Magazine is, we all feel the repercussions.