Marquis Relaunches

Boasting fashion, news, entertainment, events and lots of latex fashion design, Marquis Magazine is back. The newly revamped Marquis website launched 1/31/2017 and the latest issue, #65 is out…and Dawnamatrix even has an ad in this issue.

New Marquis editor-in-chief C. Mike Martell and his team took about a year to transform things to their liking for this relaunch. As much wanting a strong online presence as a print one, it seems all pistons are firing here; the site now features interactive blogs, tons of great pictures, a global pool of writers delivering stories and many more improvements promised for the future. As always the focus will be on the alternative world of fashion, fetish events, style and play that made this magazine so popular and innovative. Martell, who seems to be working perfectly with Marquis old head of operations Peter Czernich, promises a large super issue coming, then no less than 6 print issues published this year. No 65, the latest issue, features Czernich’s “Ninja Girl” photo essay (and her on the cover.)

What has always been fun about Marquis is the wide range of fashion one could always be sure to see in the magazine. Yes, the models are top notch in the field, the photography of the highest standard, but from rubber clothing to latex to PVC (and pretty much whatever else strikes a startlingly sexy chord) Marquis was (and still is) the source for what’s happening in the full range of fetish clothing. The change over from German-based (and born) Czerich to the American Martell might have been trying at times for both men, but looking at this first ‘new’ issue Marquis seems to have come out even stronger than before.

We are thrilled to see one of our very favorites launching this comeback and wish Marquis all the best in its future. Go here to see the latest and to subscribe:

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