Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015, Saturday Night Fashion Show Video

During our presentation (seen in the video here) our models got to play out a full narrative, complete with music and special effects in what we called “The Harbingers of Fantasy.” Created exclusively for this year’s MFW, with clothes we were premiering during the weekend, our models Holy Scar, The Richard, Hailey Louise, Kerri Taylor, Brian Gashlin, Shamz, Tish Marie, and Nancy Tigress walked among lights, music and all manner of drama strutting and showcasing our couture. It was a spacey interactive play, with no dialogue but plenty of sure meaning and lots of grand latex costuming.

So, back to Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015: Day 2

We got to show-off our butterfly latex collection in all its splendor, it was wonderful to see the pieces on stage together telling our particular story. Richard and Holy lead the “Harbingers of Fantasy” piece with their lively entrance, wearing their perfectly fitted latex couture with lasers flowing from their fingertips. Then we had a cycle of performers and of course our stunning queen, cloaked as she was in her robe waiting for just the right moment for her assistants to help her reveal her gown.

Dawnamatrix@Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015: Day 1

Getting a mention in the venerable Huffington Post about our latex clothing (see here specifically images 49-71), enjoying another rollicking beginning of Sept. alternate fashion weekend in Montreal, and feeling the love for our new pieces, I guess you could say that Dawnamatrix@Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015 was a success. Just making the Huff Post alone would be a feather in our Steampunk Style Hat (and it is) but the welcome and the camaraderie is really what we go ‘up’ to Montreal for time and again, and the city, as much the people, never disappoint.

Who’s Who For Team Dawnamatrix @ Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015

As we have every year we have attended, we just know a fantastically lavish loving time awaits us at this year’s Montreal Fetish Weekend. You simply cannot get all these wild latex aficionados in such a great city for a weekend and to have a blast! With the team above behind us, the sky is the limit to what Dawnamatrix will achieve his year in showing our wares, in networking…but mostly in having fun with all our friends and all the talented people who make this all possible for us.