So, back to Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015: Day 2

11147207_962499763811275_5074746647131366237_oInto Saturday of the Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015, we had the Latextacy event which truly showed-off our latex clothing. The party/show was based around “old Hollywood” with its magic of fantasy, the possibility of stars being born (and being seen in ‘star’-tling outfits), great big scenes of the splendiferous being perpetrated on an audience.

You know, a regular Saturday night at the MFW!

We got to show-off our butterfly latex collection in all its splendor, it was wonderful to see the pieces on stage together telling our particular story. Richard and Holy led the “Harbingers of Fantasy” piece with their lively entrance, wearing their perfectly fitted latex couture with lasers flowing from their fingertips. Then we had a cycle of performers and of course our stunning queen, cloaked as she was in her robe waiting for just the right moment for her assistants to help her reveal her gown.11227537_962500323811219_8220022143974737717_o

There were strobes, sauntering beautiful bodies in our luscious latex, a great big stage and great grand ending moments as team Dawnamatrix joined the troupe to such enthusiastic warm applause…another great showing at Montreal Fetish Weekend, to be sure.

And we still had more fun a’coming. this night…and for the rest of the weekend (which we will report on, promise!)

As it always has, and always will, the approbation of our peers, the fans and fashionistas alike who truly love latex and even the camaraderie of our fellow designers (not to mention all the hard work of the MFW crew) really makes revealing our new pieces so sweet at events like this. Creating our latex couture is certainly hard rewarding work, but being able to show it, in a theatrical setting, on such a stage, in front of this particular group of people, makes all we do so special really.


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