Spotlight on Four D Rubber, Dawnamatrix Latex Supplier

GB80076653Hey mommy and daddy, where do latex clothes come from? We can certainly report that in order to produce our wonderful men’s pants or those catsuits our clients seem so fond of, Dawnamatrix needs to acquire superb latex from a reputable supplier…our main latex manufacturer is 4D Rubber and they just launched a new website.

4D is a global-wide “market leading manufacturer of natural & synthetic precision latex rubber sheeting and products.” Through their half century and more of creation and service (they have been working with latex clothing for 35 years) the company has gained a reputation second-to-none for producing the marketplace’s leading thin latex sheeting, and to be sure, this thinness is so very important to a designer like us who needs to manipulate material in so many ways. 4D’s continued innovations and their willingness to jump right in and help with any quandary presented them has seen them provide products and materials to not just latex couture designers but for dental Dams, food processing equipment and even exercise putty.

The 4D Supatex is the latex fashion sheeting produced by Four D Rubber and the one we use. It is available in over 60 standard combinations of colors and thicknesses-again, particular characteristic we so take advantage of-and this particular sheet features as much a startling surface shine as strong adhesion and bonding properties.

Yes, there are the models, the runways, the parties and events. From time to time we score really cool assignments with stylists, like supplying latex accessories for “Gotham” or being able to dress a Katy Perry or a Sharon Stone. And surely we adore all those photographers and hair and make-up people we work with. But without the actual latex, we can’t make the clothes that the models wear, the photographers photograph, that we show on runways, etc.

Here’s a great big thank you to 4D Rubber and a congrats on the launch of their new website (see it here.)