Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015: Day 3-Ending

11947797_963158893745362_1141748239511456282_oWrapping up our recent visit to Montreal Fetish Weekend, the Sunday of the event was all about latex clothing being seen out in the sunshine.

As we have mentioned plenty about this event, it is as much the people as the city that makes Montreal Fetish Weekend so unique. You can as much put on a fashion show the first day-outside!- (see here ) as you can simply get dressed-up in your finest fetish frockery and walk the wonderful Canadian artsy city with a whole bunch of other folks dressed just as wild. Everywhere one goes, inside and out, at MFW events or just along the shops or eateries of the city, one is welcomed, as alt. wardrobe wearers walk alongside everyday folk and pictures are snapped everywhere.

The Fetish Walk Photo Tour on our day three of MFW was a hundred people strong. We wore out best-and brighest-Fetishwear taking the Montreal subway (one of the best in the world, I feel) by storm, enjoyed a boat ride and took our yearly group photo, this time at the Biodome. Surely it is one thing to see all of our colors and styles under strobes and smoke, glistening with lube and sweat as we dance and show-off in a club. But to see all those colors of the latex rainbow in the beautiful sunlight, enjoy the full range of our textures in the heat of the day-not to mention stare at all those beautiful bodies tucked-in or displayed in full light-is a treat.



This walk-about day of the MFW was a great end to, yet again, another wonderful event for team Dawnamatrix. The people who run the Montreal Fetish Weekend truly leave no stone un-turned for us all to have a great time.

2015’s Montreal Fetish Weekend was another successful fetish couture event of the highest order.11947869_963159003745351_5276874011649813296_o


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