“Historic” Undies at The Erotic Heritage Museum

la-trb-las-vegas-erotic-heritage-museum-party--001Surely we expect latex clothing to show-up in some museum exhibits from time to time. In our history alone Dawnamatrix has placed pieces in places like the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum, the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation and even Boston Children’s Museum. This month the Erotic Heritage Museum will be displaying some ‘unmentionables’ at their venerable Las Vegas spot, in a variety of exhibits, undies that are all historic in one way or another.

First there is a collection of “claimed” Gennifer Flowers undies in their American Sex Scandals exhibit. Included here is President Clinton’s mistress’ pantyhose sets, thigh highs, floggers and hand cuffs, a leather vest, garters, corsets (there’s probably some latex and leather in there!) Then there is another exhibit of supposed intimate wear from Carrie Royale, mistress of Prince Harry in the Sex and the Aristocracy and lastly, a huge Sex In The Third Reich exhibit exposing the hypocrisy of Hitler and the Nazi cult through their sexual biographies and WWII paraphernalia (any exhibit that skewers Hitler’s sick regime is a good thing, we feel.) “The Sex In The Third Reich” also features authenticated Eva Braun lingerie.

The Erotic Heritage Museum is as much known for their wildly imaginative naughty exhibits-the 2 story building boasts “The World’s Largest Erotic Bicycle,” displays sculptures and pictures in its gallery, a permanent “The Revolutionaries of Sex” exhibit-as they are for performances and education. By “exposing” the unmentionables they are this month, the EHM sheds a light not only on the lifestyles and proclivities of the famous (and infamous), but also explores the idea how the media and supposed legitimate sources get exploited sometimes just through rumor.

Lots of heady stuff to be sure, all explored through a panty or two. Go here to learn more.


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