Dawnamatrix Designs in the Major Model Management New York SS16 Promotional Video

MajorModels1New York City and latex clothing…a perfect match, no? With the city’s venerable Fashion Week upon us presently, all eyes are turned to the Big Apple to see who is wearing what, and as always we are on the look-out for shiny lubed couture. In the midst of all the Dior, the Carolina Herrera and DKNY we don’t always see so much ‘alternate wardrobe’ (though things have been getting better of late) but this year Dawnamatrix happens to be contributing to the big city’s fashion in a big way. We provided a black latex bodysuit and gloves for the Major Models New York SS16 Promotional Video, see here or at YouTube here.

Though our outfit is seen at the 1:45 – 1:55 mark we do recommend the full breath of this nearly 4 minute video. The locations of a great city can make a photo collage (still shots or film) into something otherworldly sublime….and here one catches the models inside and out, from taxi cabs to penthouses, to garages to the venerable white-tiled New York subway system, cavorting, walking and leaning in landscapes as thrilling as the clothes they wear. We even get rich shots of the ladies walking in high foliage and against the famous skyline on the water…and even a model sauntering across a bridge at night. And the grand variety of the outfits, well one must truly congratulate the stylist El Lewis here for expert choosing.

Director Meng Johnson sets each individual tableau perfectly, working off Delwin Kamara’s expert eye in production coordinating (no small feat in a city like Manhattan) while Jackie Krajunus and Grace O’Niell of Makeuppro.org provide the make-up and hair styling. MajorModels2

This Katia Sherman executive produced Major Models New York SS16 Promotional Video is a piece of visual art we are thrilled to have been a part of, as much as we love being a part of New York City every time we visit.

Go to the Major Model Management website here and Meng Johnson’s here.

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