Heavy Rubber Relaunches

Of course there are lots of designers featured in H.R. (the models have to wear somebody’s wardrobe, right?), and we are thrilled to be in such illustrious company with alt. couture makers from throughout the world. As with Marquis, what you get in Heavy Rubber is a presentation of the very best talent-models, designers, photographers, visual artists and writers-from around the world.

Marquis Relaunches

What has always been fun about Marquis is the wide range of fashion one could always be sure to see in the magazine. Yes, the models are top notch in the field, the photography of the highest standard, but from rubber clothing to latex to PVC (and pretty much whatever else struck a startling sex chord) Marquis was (and still is) the source for what’s happening in fetish clothing. The change over from German-based (and born) Czerich to the American Martell might have been trying at times for both men, but looking at this first ‘new’ issue Marquis seems to have come out even stronger than before.

UNLEASHED Amsterdam 5th Anniversary Party

The sponsors of these European parties read like a Who’s Who of alt. design makers and shakers, with Marquis Magazine, DeMasK Amsterdam, INSOMNIA-Nightclub and Pleasurements just some of the names on a long list of UNLEASHED sponsors. And as always spectacular star D,J.’s will pump music throughout the venue, the crowd is sure to get close, heated and twirl with abandon and UNLEASHED promises their usual mix of international performing talent and even a rubber clothing fashion show sometime during the night.

Yes, Sometimes ‘Alternative’ Fashion Means…Sex

A latex catsuit, rubber clothing, fantasy costuming is damn sexy and is used often for characterizations of naughtiness that can range from coy expressions of sexuality, to outright kink and fetishes. It all works for us, from the high couture to the tie-me-up-for-a-spanking scene (in real life or film); like you all, we are just tickled when the latex is brought out, in any way it can be!

The sexiness of an ‘alternative’ wardrobe, non mainstream fashion is seen time and again (so much so in fact that many a layman fashionista-if there can be such a person-often comes to link latex/rubber/PVC clothing as being always about something sexual) as we have reported often and is seen in stark example on the new Showtime offering Billions.

Marquis Magazine…Alive And Well With C. Michael Martell

A standard bearer for alternative couture-to say the least-the lush glossy Marquis Magazine was beloved by all who ever strapped into a corset or wore a latex mask. Begun by Czernich in 1994 after losing the right to his original magazine “O”’s name, what was started as a compliment ‘spin-off’ to Skin Two became a sensation all its own. Two years after Marquis began Czernich began Heavy Rubber (not a magazine about tires, to be sure!) he also continued to publish stand-alone photographic books and create and sell clothing.