Shakira In Plastic

What we don’t seem to consider all that often though, at least not in a fashion sense, is plastic wardrobe pieces.

Here Comes The…Latex Bride 2024

But overall, when it comes to bridal fashions (even fashions for grooms), we find requests run the gambit, above and beyond what is currently popular or predicted to be.

Part 4: The New Year (and DEcade) @ Dawnamatrix

In the last few blogs we gave forth, on what passed by us in 2019 and during the past decade, in latex design and fashion culture, in general. It’s certainly a matter of personal conjecture what will hit, what will die, what will circle round again, and what might be coming for the future in …


WOW, New Zealand and Gemini: The Twins

For three years in a row, we have been honored to have won awards at WOW and two of those three years, the first and this last one, Ben and I traveled to New Zealand. As we have always found both times visiting, New Zealand is just so wonderful and the capital city, where WOW is held, Wellington, so welcoming to WOW.

World of Wearable Art 2019


For the 3rd year-in-a-row, a Dawnamatrix latex design has won at The World of Wearable Art. The award show/startling global fashion event was held last night in New Zealand, and we are honored and humbled to receive the Overall International Design Award, International Design Award: Americas and Avant-garde Section Third. All for our Gemini: The Twins.