Lil Nas X Does It Again…Without Even Meaning To

This past Saturday, during his appearance on Saturday Night Live’s 46th season finale, the “Old Town Road” singer revealed more than he wanted to. In the midst of the sexy all-male revue of dancers around him, and while performing his already controversial “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” Lil Nas X backed up to the stripper pole on a platform behind him to begin showing off his skills dancing against the prop.


Fans of the fantastic are wondering how (even if) precisely they might experience the usual round of cosplayers, latex costume wearers, and rabid anime players at this year’s “Comic-Con@Home.” The grand-daddy San Diego Comic-Con International is taking place digitally this year (and for free) happening the same weekend as it usually did at San Diego’s …


Céline & Deadpool, The Perfect Match

Not that it comes as any surprise that Ryan Reynolds is once again pulling out all the stops as Deadpool, but in the video here you see his sardonic superhero managing some pirouettes and even a grand jetés on stage with Céline. What makes the scene even better as the strings swell (and appear also on stage with the pair) is that Deadpool is prancing about in stilettos. How Céline stays serious is anybody’s guess. Talk about cosplay accessorizing, this is like watching Flashdance on steroids.