Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson Come Clean?

Although interesting, Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson didn’t really get to the why’s and who’s of the malfunction and if the costume tearing was an accident or staged.

Normani Costume Rich “Wild Side”

Even though she doesn’t wear any latex in her new “Wild Side” clip, we really can’t find any fault with Normani. The video, dropped just this past Friday, is just so scrumptiously sexy and couture costume fantastic; anybody who sees it will not be able to ignore it.

Katy Perry @ The Super Bowl

If you are unaware, The “Firework” singer is presenting the halftime show this year. Judging by Katy’s past performances her costumes for Sunday-deigned by Jeremy Scott-could be wild indeed. At a Super Bowl XLIX press conference Miss Perry assured us all that her opening costume would be “flaming hot,” that she is bringing a lion and some sharks to her performance “creating three or four different worlds” and that though she knows nothing about the latest ‘Deflategate’ controversy “nothing in my performance will be deflated.”

Miss Bey Has a Malfunction

The most famous one had to be Janet Jackson’s at the Superbowl…although who knows if Justin Timberlake grabbing her top off to reveal her nipple encircled/pierced boob was a true wardrobe malfunction. But when it happens to Beyoncé, Miss Bey, the reigning queen diva, to be sure a wardrobe malfunction is going to make news. …