Dawnamatrix Picks The 10 Best Alternative Fashion Super Bowl Moments

GTY_Super_Bowl_show6_ml_150201_16x9_992Whether this year Coldplay and Beyoncé will recreate their seemingly controversially cliché India homage when playing “Hymn For the Weekend,” many of us alternative fashion wearers are hoping for even a hint of fun at Super Bowl 50’s half time.

Lest we all forget, there have been those moments in the past when we have gotten a glimpse of some wild stage costumes.

10.) When New Kids On The Block trotted out their fancy choreography in 1991, there was an array of pastel behind them. The ‘Kids’ were in black and white, but the dancing kids behind them sported a rainbow in colors and the contrast alone is worth nothing here.

9.) For the sheer amount of changes alone diva Diana Ross makes our list. Her halftime stint, five years after New Kids, saw the ex-Supreme in gold lame jacket/cape, long orange gown with poof skirt and a short red spangled dress.

8.) Michael Jackson didn’t change like his friend above, sporting what had become at that time (in 1993) his military-like look, still dearly departed M.J. influenced whole generations…as he surely did this night. This performance also marked the beginning of halftime pop spectacles, moving away from the Carol Channing performances and “Up With People” displays.

7.) Never one to shirk his performing fashion responsibilities, Prince appeared for his mini-concert in sky blue long jacket, pants and yellow shirt, showing off the brightest color coordinating on this list.

6.) Madonna’s Egyptian-themed musical moment, complete with full-length gold cape opening and gold headdress, tops the list for sheer costume over-the-top-ness.

5.) Swinging pocket chains, long jackets and even sequins, the front men of the Rolling Stones; Keith Richards, Ron Wood and certainly the ever undulating Mick Jagger managed a very cool strut and swagger in their cool black threads during their short song list in 2006.

4.) Sometimes it is not as much what one wears as it is the attitude when they wear it that makes a mark. Bruno Mars and his band in skinny ties, gold jackets, white shirts and black tie were a nod to the past…and surely ‘alternative’ to what was happening around them in the pop world at the time.

3.) Not that anyone had any doubt that the queen of stage costume confectionary, Katy Perry wouldn’t step-up her A-game for her performance last year, but the pop diva managed four Jeremy Scott outfit changes. She wore a multi-colored mini dress with flame designs, a beach-ball colored jumper, off-the-shoulder long gown with holographic stars and cut-out side star cut-outs and black zipped-up jacket with diamonds with the #49 on her chest. And don’t forget the custom LaDuca booties festooned with 12,600 Swarovski crystals. A full-fledged all-out crazy couture dream in one lady.

2.) Shania Twain was showing lots of leg in her black thigh-high leather boots, long jacket with its open front, silver encrusted bra, wore would be the closest to what a fetish style wearer would call cool.

1.) Still the granddaddy of fashion most-talked about moments (at the Super Bowl as anywhere else) made history less because of what a performer actually wore, then what they revealed. When Justin Timberlake ‘accidently’ ripped the front of Janet Jackson’s leather bodice free, exposing her breast in all its nipple-clipped glory, one of the new century’s best naughty fashion moments occurred…and things have never been the same.

Have any best-of fashion moments from the big game-alternative or otherwise-on your list? We’d love to hear them. Drop us a line.

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