Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Is A Hot Topic

1454173941756What’s a hit modern movie without products to sell; though no latex couture here, the new Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie has connected with Hot Topic for a fashion fantasy lingerie collection tie-in.

We all know Victorian-era clothing is just perfect for dress-up possibilities and seeing as Seth Grahame-Smith’s 2009 parody story mashed-up Jane Austin with flesh eaters, we get comely lasses in lace and petticoats dispatching monsters across a blood-soaked English countryside. But what the ladies of the time wear under their outfits is what most interests Hot Topic here, as they have managed to produce a new line of unmentionables for fans of the movie…or just ladies who wish some extra special dressing-up under their everyday wardrobes.

There are ruffled lace babydolls, lace-up corsets, panties and bras and even a dress, in the collection, all wardrobe pieces a vigilant female zombie hunter would need to keep herself well appointed. Certainly grand horror silliness on a major scale, but when one is delving deep into fantastic fiction and/or movies, cinema wardrobe can and should run the gambit. Ironically, in the case of this particular fantasy film, one couldn’t employ the usual cosplay tropes of PVC, latex or leather-materials not yet invented historically-so one is indeed left with the frills, embroidery and lace-and corsets, garters and stockings-to play off of.

Heroine Elizabeth Bennett would probably not be served so well wearing a latex catsuit (had they been invented at the time) but her petticoats could also impede her movements…good thing she is a trained martial artist. And with Mr. Darcy helping her and her sisters-and Elizabeth and Mr. D. reluctantly falling in love, as all good hetero zombie hunters must-the ripped and rent landscape is put right at film’s end.

Though surely one needs to have on the right panties to dispatch a zombie correctly.



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