Academy Award Couture…and

This year’s Oscar telecast of the 95th Academy Awards did not disappoint in this way. But this year, there was much more to style than just what the stars were wearing.

2019 VMAs Fashions

Taylor Swift came in a colorful and diamond jeweled Versace blazer and black Christian knee-high boots, Halsey managed to sneak in a black waist cincher in the middle of her open dress. And as we have come to expect, Queen Latifah showed-off her usual wardrobe class in a sedate yet sexy Sergio Hudson orange suit.

Celebrity Couture For Causes…This Week

Though none are wearing latex clothing to better their causes, Pam Anderson, Caitlyn Jenner and Christian Siriano seem to be marrying a message with their latest fashion work. Jenner has partnered with a major makeup company helping to fight AIDS and further transgender causes. Anderson showed lots of herself (not that that’s unusual in and of itself) for vegan shoes and famed fashion designer Siriano is looking to bring awareness to global water problems at this year’s Oscars.

Jessica Rabbit Is Alive And Well…Thanks to Heidi Klum

Surely other celebrities sported some fine costumes…some bought, some made. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson dressed as Christie Brinkley’s character and Clark Griswold respectively from the National Lampoon Vacation. Fashion designer/T.V. reality celeb Nicole Richie stepped out as the spooky The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack Skellington. And Taylor Swift fashioned herself as Olaf from Frozen. But all these celebs and even the most adept cosplayer would have to go far to beat Heidi Klum this year.