Adele in Velvet, Bieber in Latex and The Riverdale Ladies as DC’s Leading Vixens: Halloween 2023

And not that she wore latex (and speaking of velvet!), but we can always count on Heidi Klum to bring the costume A-game. This year, she was dressed as a peacock, a cadre of Cirque du Soleil’s acrobats around her. She came dressed in a blue velveteen jumpsuit with added prosthetics that looked just like a bird’s beak and feet. Her husband, Tom Kaulitz, dressed as an egg.

More NaugHty Madonna?

This is not a lady who has stepped through her wardrobe choices, song-smithing, and overall image anciently.

Lil Nas X Does It Again…Without Even Meaning To

This past Saturday, during his appearance on Saturday Night Live’s 46th season finale, the “Old Town Road” singer revealed more than he wanted to. In the midst of the sexy all-male revue of dancers around him, and while performing his already controversial “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” Lil Nas X backed up to the stripper pole on a platform behind him to begin showing off his skills dancing against the prop.

Britney Spears Doing It Solo In Self-Quarantined

Would any of us be surprised to find some latex, lace, or maybe even a short pleaded skirt in Britney Spears’ closest? Well, this week, we all had a chance to have a look-see what’s hiding in Spears’ back stash when she held a solo, at home, undoubtedly small-scale fashion show on Instagram showing-off some …


Dana Proctor sells Britney Spears

When it comes to our modern day pop divas, a latex skirt is just as important as a wardrobe fail, as is some costume becoming iconic. From stage, video, late-night clubbing a Katy Perry, a Nicki Minaj and Rihanna can be seen wearing any number of outfits fans drool over and unknown designers would have given anything to have made. Dana Proctor saw the value of Britney Spears’ outfits, as she came to collect seven Britney wardrobe pieces, pieces that she is now trying to sell on eBay for one million dollars.

The Seemingly Inevitable, Always Public, Wardrobe Malfunction As Perfected By Britney Spears

ne black bodysuit split all the way down Britney’s back just recently, she lost a bra strap just this past fall and just a few days ago her green bodysuit moved just enough while she was dancing and spinning for the song “Work B**ch” that Britney exposed her breast (which she snuck right back in her top without missing a step, like the pro she is).