Big $, Classic Comic: Marvel Victorious

Comic creators, and certainly their fans, don’t forget their history. And, as we see from this story, some fans will indeed pay a princely sum for what they love.

mourning Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman, known for starring in the movies, 42, Get on Up and of course, playing King T’Challa in Black Panther, died this week at the age of 43

Stan Lee: Excelsior!

Modern popular literature, superhero haute couture and all of us who love our flights of fantastic fancy owe a debt to Stan Lee that can only be paid by celebrating the man for as long as we can

Halloween Trending 2018

The time is nigh for latex leggings, rubber masks and all sorts of scary (and sexy) accessories. Every year at this time a full range of super hero costumes make an appearance, as do naughty nurses, bare-chested cavemen and the ubiquitous ghost, goblin and zombie. Then too we shall see the parade of cartoon fluffy cartoon coverings and bespoke Halloween creations.

Black Panther’s Wakanda and The Costuming It Influenced

As Wonder Woman did for feminism in comics, it looks like Black Panther may do for people of color in the Marvel universe and the concept of retaining one’s culture across the world stage. And all of it enhanced by a costume designer’s attention to the detail of rich tradition and culture.