Let’s Talk J. Lo’s Cut-Outs

Although our cheeky skirt might be an extreme example (and one you need be ever careful where it is you wear), cut-outs are not unusual as much in latex couture as they are in all kinds of alternative fashions.

Kim Kardashian Does It Again

rd to say who champions or simply wears latex more, a Kim Kardashian, a Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Katy Perry, or most recently, Christina Aquilera. She seems to be showing up just about everywhere these days in latex or leather.

Inauguration 2021 Couture

PVC, leather, latex, and alternate fashions will probably have no place in today’s inauguration, but haute couture does…as it always has

David Bowie and Playboy: Icons

The main subjects of two publications that are in the news this week have seen a decidedly long association with alternative fashions, be it leather, lace or latex couture. With both— David Bowie and Playboy—having affected culture in acutely profound ways. Infamous rock photographer Mick Rock was the picture-taker of record during David Bowie’s “Ziggy …