Aguilera, Cyrus, Vergara and Lipa: Couture Choices

Sometimes all you have to do is sit back, and the latex and alternate wardrobe news come to you. The daily postings we all see come across our various news feeds as much focuses these days on Corona Virus updates as celebrity gossip. And where there are celebrities, there are bound to be observations on …


Saweetie, Klum, Puma and The New Cardi B

Every so often, we gather a bunch of the most recent stories that passed our notice, be they about wild fashions, something happening in the haute couture business world, or celebrity latex fashions. Below are four juicy items, featuring Saweetie, Heidi Klum, Puma and Cardi B’s new video for her song, “WAP.” Rapper Saweetie managed …


Good Old Alt. Couture At The 2019 Grammys

All good things do indeed come to those who wait where latex couture and alternate wardrobe is concerned. This past Sunday the 2019 Grammys finally gave us what we have been hoping for in a prominent entertainment industry award show, lots of exciting wardrobe designs and wild textile art to salivate over.

Let Fetish Map London Be Your Guide

As the full breadth of human sexuality is brought further into the light, stigmas for alternate lifestyles are lessened, and we all become just that closer to one another in our evolution and tolerance, something like Fetish Map London serves as just another reminder of how far we have come, and what’s out there if we care to look.

Happening Happenings For The Alternate Wardrobe Lover

A little forward in time (October actually) will see both the one day Erotic Ball 2015 and the London Fetish Weekend. The LFW happens on the first weekend of the month (starting on Thursday Oct 1st actuallyt) and includes the “Camden Crunch,” the first popular social gathering of the weekend, Friday’s Torture Garden’s “Electrowerkz” party at the Slimelight club, Saturday’s London Alternative Market during the day (shopping and demos) and that night’s Club river party aboard the Dutch Master Boat, then Sunday’s Kinky ‘Kodak Moments’ Bus Tour, a Sunday afternoon shop-a-thon and the last party of the weekend