Kendall Jenner Reminds Us Of All The Fun To Be Had With Latex Couture

Last week Kendall Jenner was seen out on a date with her boyfriend, wearing a black latex minidress. Now there’s nothing unusual in that that per se, the Kardashian ladies have been some of the most well-known proponents of that textile we love the best. And God knows Kim K. made quite the scene at the Met Gala this wee;, talk about interesting wardrobe choices. But Kendall’s dress was embellished with small blue fish, proving once again that latex couture can be as fun as it can be sexy.

It’s as much style and often the cut of a latex dress or a low-cut bodysuit that makes something eye-catching as it can be the many juicy colors we now can play with. As even a casual visitor here would know, we’ve been using colorful latex from Yummy Gummy for years. From catalog items to bespoke latex, we have offered our wares in various colors: multi-tone checkboard, pinstripe, metallic tones, and transparent. 

But the texture, too, can make latex couture fun. Our Dragon Scale Corset is a perfect example of where we ‘exploited’ the ‘skin’ of a latex accessory to a tactile extreme. And you will find a wide variety of items, from bras to gloves to vests that we have created with texture in mind.

We also very often apply intricate appliqué to our pieces, again making latex interesting.

Through the years we have been working in latex design and alternate wardrobe creations, we have seen what could best be described as the ‘mainstreaming’ of latex wear. In this cultural progression, we have seen so much become part of the latex couture wear now, from an increase in the rich palette of colors we use to 3D fashion printing helping in realizing textures and just about any ideas for designs being tried. A spray of beautiful light blue fish ‘swimming’ across the front of a latex LBD certainly shows how far we have come.

And makes one wonder where we might next go?

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