Try The Trikini?

It could have just as quickly been some new latex mask design or some fetish facemask, but it seems fashion-meets-pandemic has produced the first news-worthy wardrobe item. Just in time for summer frolicking social distancing, an Italian designer has unleashed the “Trikini” to the world.

Tiziana Scaramuzzo, the owner of Elexa Beachwear, located in Senigallia, created her pandemic-safe swimwear, as she says, “joking with my family.” But after posting the three-piece beachwear couture (colorful matching bottoms, bikini halter top, and facemask) on Facebook, a viral ordering frenzy ensued. The sets start selling next week.

As we all know, Italy was especially hard hit early with COVID-19. But just this last week, the country began allowing some loosening of the virus’ social restrictions. Of course, the good people of Italy were happy to get out and about, mainly to their many public parks and of course, to their beaches. Dippin’ Daisy’s, a swimwear company, has been making masks out of leftover swimsuit fabric, but Tiziana seems to be the first (or at least the first whose efforts have gone viral) to present a fully rendered suit with matching mask.

Surely, what Scaramuzzo is presenting is of a wholly different order from something like a carbon mask (we wore a Base Camp model in our recent trip to Tokyo) or the medical-grade N95 masks considered in this Forbes article. But creating something that as much protects as makes the wearer (and anyone who sees them) smile, is needed right now. Undoubtedly, matching bright bikini and masks sets are sure to be popular for the foreseeable future…for Italy and beyond.

And as an alternative wardrobe designer ourselves, considering what material might make a safe and stylish mask is something to consider. But it seems for right now, the Trikini has beat us all to the beach.

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