Kylie Minogue Still Rocks Latex

Being carried to the stage by actors Andrew Scott and Jonathan Bailey while dressed in red latex and heels, singer Kylie Minogue surely made it clear what a star she still is performing at BST Hyde Park last week. The 56-year-old Australian pop diva is no stranger to cavorting in stunningly sexy stage wardrobe, but …


Dawnamatrix Finalist @ WOW 2024

I truly don’t think I am ever going to get tired of saying WOW, when it comes to our latex designs making it, once again, as a finalist in the World of WearableArt Competition.This year we collaborated with fiber artist Lana Crooks, to present The Scribe latex couture piece and we just received word from …


When Couture Challanges The World: Abramović @ Glastonbury

While we were hoping for a latex stage costume or even a well-placed latex accessory among the performers at the just-passed Glastonbury festival, still there were some stunning couture moments, not even from the pop world. Performance artist Marina Abramović made a clear message with what she wore during the presentation she called “Seven Minutes …


Let’s Finally Talk 2024 BET Award Fashion

Getting past all the blogs, tweets, and amateur fashionista assessments of the outfits worn—be they latex, leather, or the current nude dress rage—here is our perspective of the 2024 BET Awards couture. Two latex wardrobes stand out as do the seven different changes host Taraji P. Henson spun through and even a controversial clutch moment. …


Sukeban, and its latex, wearing well

As this article attests (and it name drops us as well) the latex costumes we worked on for the Sukeban Japanese pro wrestlers’ matches (see here and here) are alive and well. Which, frankly, amazes me, seeing how much action these ladies engage in. I know all about the strength and stretch of latex outfits. …


Viva Glam Billion Dollar Ball

When you call yourself the Viva Glam Billion Dollar Ball, one might expect some interesting wardrobe choices among the attendees…as well as some latex. MAC Cosmetics held this ball last month in New York City and it was attended by the likes of Winnie Harlow, Lourdes Leon, Kim Petras, and a host of others. And …


Latex Redux

It’s one thing to slip into a latex wardrobe for an award show red carpet strut-in. Or to be seen in some skin-tight latex couture for a superhero role you have stepped into. And we constantly point out singers in latex costumes for video or stage appearances. But when our best and brightest show up …


The Four L’s For Wearing Latex In The Summertime

There’s no mistaking that the warmer weather is upon us now…so, is it still time for latex? Following the rule of ‘The 4 L’s’ will see you through the sticky hot weather, while still wearing latex. We have been championing the wonderful array of modern-day latex color choices for some time now. Why not avail …


Shōgun Couture

As you can learn from reading a little about the Dawnamtarix bio or looking across these pages at our latex kimonos, Japanese culture plays a very big part in what we do. Here is just one blog from our past talking about our trips to and connection with the land of the Norman Reedus Follows …


Dojo Cat and Her Trench

It’s not that Dojo Cat hasn’t been sporting electrifying costumes on her Scarlet Tour so far, but she showed a certain aplomb in an old London town just recently wearing latex. For this one show, the “Agora Hills” singer stepped on stage in a skin-color (and skintight) latex bodysuit, under a stunning translucent latex trench. …


So, Did Nike Break The Olympics?

As we mentioned a few blogs ago (specially here), although it wasn’t latex, when the world was treated to a long look at the new “nike kits” to be worn by the U.S. track and field team for the 2024 Olympics in Paris, things got a little nutty! You might recall how the new clothing …


Katy Perry Does Paris

Although we haven’t seen any latex wardrobe (yet) Katy Perry took the beginning of Paris Fashion Week by storm. About to drop new music, the 39-year-old pop diva took the opportunity of all eyes in Paris to show herself in grand and wild style and push her brand. A video posted (from which the above …


Nike sexualizes Paris?

It should be noted that Nike will offer over fifty pieces for athletes to wear, which include, compression shorts, and crop top bodysuits with shorts.

Shakira In Plastic

What we don’t seem to consider all that often though, at least not in a fashion sense, is plastic wardrobe pieces.

Getting Hasty With Beyoncé

Five years in the making as Beyoncé’s eighth studio album is the second installment of her trilogy project that began with 2022’s Renaissance.

Latex Couture With Night CluB

Night Club, an electronica group for L.A. is using latex—once again— for full fantastic effect in the video for their new release “Barbwire Kiss.”

New Superman Couture

In the same universe, but over on the comic book side of things, Power Girl received a couture update in official art this week.

Oscar Latex? Yes!

And while most men were in a classic black tux, there was no missing Ryan Gosling singing “I’m Just Ken,” in a full pink suit during the show itself.

Terminatrix4 from Peter Czernich

In his new kickstarter campaign, Czernich is taking inspiration from his three decades, and his knowledge of past design to create a brand-new collection. 

Paris In Latex

From either what is seen across a runway or maybe worn by a well-known attendee, we need aways keep our eyes peeled, and hope springs eternal here at Dawnamatrix Designs.

Method Dressing

And less we forget, Zendaya’s red carpet appearance with Timothée Chalamet in Seoul, South Korea recently.

‘Selling Sunset’ Shines In Latex

We will even skirt around the shiny and lubed 800lb. gorilla in the room when we don’t find any latex wardrobe to drool over by reporting on some other kind of alternative fashion that might make our grade

Dressing Up For The Last Dinner Party

But when one looks at (and listens to) The Last Dinner Party, it is impossible not to notice their sartorial panache.


Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio strutted into the proceedings wearing a slithery body-hugging brushed silver metallic latex gown.