Iris Apfel Turns 102

Apfel entered the fashion firmament writing for Women’s Wear Daily, working for interior designer Elinor Johnson and as an assistant to illustrator Robert Goodman.

Shania Latex?

And as far as daring sexy looks go (as much for her and others in her videos), we can’t forget Shania’s infamous Man! I Feel Like A Woman video.

Blackpink At 7

Taylor Swift might be celebrating her ‘eras,’ but did you know that K-pop group Blackpink celebrates the 7th anniversary of their debut this week; music, alt. couture, and indeed some latex wardrobe all feature in their unprecedented ascendency.

Goodbye To Paul Reubens, Great Laughs & And AN Iconic Costume

The Pee-wee character would be featured in a score of movies and TV appearances, an HBO special, and on Broadway. In fact, Pee-wee’s first big screen starring appearance, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, marks the directorial debut of Tim Burton.