The Shiny Sofa, Latex Fashion Podcast

Yes, The Shiny Sofa originates from the UK, a country with a grand latex fashion tradition, as much born from the fetish scene as haute couture.

Goodbye Yummy Gummy

Sad as we are to see any latex designer go (competition or not), we were especially saddened to hear that Yummy Gummy Latex is closing up shop.

Paco Rabanne R.I.P.

Certainly, a man as known for his creativity as some of his eccentric claims and predictions, Rabanne claimed he had lived a few past lives, said he had been visited by extraterrestrials, murdered Tutankhamun, and had lived over a hundred of years.

And So, The 65th Grammy’s

Lastly, and arguably the most arresting look of the night, was Sam Smith and Kim Petras walking in their blood-red Valentino.

Kim Kardashian ‘Breaks’ AS ROMA

Without ‘breaking the net’ or strutting across a red carpet in some sexy leather or latex couture, once again, Kim Kardashian has caused a stir, online, with something she wore. 

Pamela Anderson ONce Again

This is a lady who has undoubtedly held the world in the palm of her hand from her celebrity, sex tape mudslinging, and her professional moments before the camera.