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Dawnamatrix is a USA-based latex fashion house specializing in custom designs. Across our various pages you will find the full range of our latex couture garments and accessories, social media connections, our blog, and full contact information. Whether you are a seasoned fashionista, fetish model, or simply looking for a few pieces to spice-up your wardrobe we hope you will find something to delight, inspire, and intrigue you with what we present here. Consistently updating our designs and bespoke garments, adding to our costumes from the ever-changing landscape of popular media, and keeping you informed with what is happening in our community, these digital pages are a home to all who come seeking alternate fashion.


Marquis Magazine…Alive And Well With C. Michael Martell

A standard bearer for alternative couture-to say the least-the lush glossy Marquis Magazine was beloved by all who ever strapped into a corset or wore a latex mask. Begun by Czernich in 1994 after losing the right to his original magazine “O”’s name, what was started as a compliment ‘spin-off’ to Skin Two became a […]


Playing and Partying At 2015 Montreal Fetish Weekend: LATEXTACY SIN-A-MATIC BALL

There are plenty of men and women who attend Montreal Fetish Weekend to see, wear and enjoy wonderful latex clothing (which we can promise you will be on hand), but there is so much beyond the fantasy fashions that occur during the weekend. One such occurrence is the LATEXTACY SIN-A-MATIC BALL happening on Saturday September […]


Schön! Magazine features Dawnamatrix with Balenciaga and Robert Rodriguez

“Crossing boundaries to deliver cutting-edge creative talent from across the globe since 2009” Schön! Magazine is a wonderful art/fashion/music and cultural bi-annual magazine…and Dawnamatrix latex clothing makes an appearance in their latest issue! Published in a twice yearly run of 40,000 copies and distributed in 13 countries Schön! boasts “Legendary faces, iconic photographers, top celebrities, […]