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Dawnamatrix nominated for Designer of the Year in the Swimwear/Intimate category of the 2014 Boston Fashion Awards

Creating “an opportunity to build a positive image of the Boston fashion scene internationally and strengthening the fellowship within the local industry while rising funds and awareness for select local charitable organizations” The Boston Fashion Awards will be held November 30th at 7pm at Bijou Lounger, 51 Stuart Street, at 7pm.


More Of Dawnamatrix In Japan

In our first blog about our recent trip to Japan we elaborated on a surprise adventure we experienced when entering the country. But there was more to our visit then just team Dawnamatrix being filmed for the T.V. show “Why did you come to Japan? 「Youは何し日本へ?」” . In fact, in what we wrote in our […]


Kaia Jordan Gerber Makes Her Modeling Move With Her Family Kept Close

There really is no minimum age for modeling, and being 13 serves one perfectly when one is on the fast track to being one of the most talked about teen models. Keeping this in mind, Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Jordan Gerber is making the most of her youth, look and lineage, as could be seen […]