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Careful With Your Latex…and other clothing as well

In other fashion mishap related news, Lululemon is recalling over three hundred thousand of their women’s tops. It seems the draw cords of the tops-elastic cords with metal or plastic hard ends-have injured enough wearers’ faces and eyes, or became caught on something they have passed…and then snapped back, to cause the recall. Two years […]


Burlesque Fashion introduces more European fans to Dawnamatrix

With our friends/co-workers Yummy Gummy having recently won the European Fetish Award for Best Idea/Start-Up in Berlin at the German Fetish Ball we can say with certainty that Germany knows its latex clothing. So you can bet we were honored to have an entire article written about the Dawnamatrix brand on the German-based Burlesque Fashion […]


The shiny latex chicken or textured latex egg…which comes first, and who cares?

With the rise in popularity of cable series like Game Of Thrones, the consistent startling and tireless work of cosplayers who just love to be in the spotlight, and fashionistas as much asking for, as responding to uniquely rendered latex couture, it’s a heady thing sometimes considering: is it the latex clad chicken or the […]