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Globe-trotting with Dawnamatrix

From Copenhagen back to Seattle (with a stop in Iceland too), premiering both our laser cut latex catsuit and latest full latex collection, “Waterproof,” enjoying the company of so many encouraging people, from fashionistas, models, designers, photographers and fans, and seeing some amazing spots, the past few weeks of the Dawnamatrix schedule has been wondrously […]


The “Sartorial Diplomacy” Of Michelle Obama

Mrs. Obama made news this week-and certainly this will be the last time she does so in just this way-when wearing a rose gold Versace ‘chain mail’ gown at the Obama’s last White House State Dinner. Entertaining Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (who wore Giorgio Armani) and his wife Agnese Landini (who wore Ermanno Scervino), […]


How Does Robbie Williams Stand Himself in “Party Like A Russian”?

Robbie Williams has released his seeming first single “Party Like a Russian” from his new Heavy Entertainment Show album, mining a wonderfully fetish dress-up look for the song’s video. Obviously taking a cue from the iconic Robert Palmer “Addicted To Love” video (as well as Shania Twain’s all-male beefy backing band on “”Man! I Feel […]