Honoring Joye Hummel Murchison Kelly

So, you think all the skin-tight latex wardrobes, slightly (sometimes more than slight) sexually alternative references and daring male/female interplay of comic-dom are the purview of guys alone? Well, meet Joye Hummel Murchison Kelly, the first woman to write scripts for the Wonder Woman comic-book franchise. Nineteen-years-old in March of 1944, Joye Hummel, as the …


Warner Brothers Studios Tour New Costume Display

Warner Brothers Studios has ‘upped the ante’ on their game recently in what they are showing to the public of their costume collection, allowing the public into view both an Aquaman/Wonder Woman DC collection as well as displaying wardrobe pieces from Crazy Rich Asians and the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper A Star Is Born.

Halloween Costumes For 2017

As always, Halloween will prove to be a wild romp for kids of all ages. So enjoy, be safe and dress-up as much as you dare.