Our Royal Emissary 

It’s about time we gave forth on the specific brief of the latex wardrobe piece, our Royal Emissary, that we entered into and won with at The World of Wearable Art this year.

The Look Of The World Of Wearable Art

The shine, the pucker, the crinkle, the cut, and even some sure reflection. Really, what could be better than the visual component latex?

The World Of Wearable Art, 2020

For the past three years preparing the latex wardrobe creations we submit to the World of Wearable Art competition, we are always amazed how quickly the time speeds by. One WOW competition ends, and it seems we are all-too-soon getting some things ready for the next. In keeping us all on the jump of things, we just …


World of Wearable Art 2019


For the 3rd year-in-a-row, a Dawnamatrix latex design has won at The World of Wearable Art. The award show/startling global fashion event was held last night in New Zealand, and we are honored and humbled to receive the Overall International Design Award, International Design Award: Americas and Avant-garde Section Third. All for our Gemini: The Twins.