RuPaul makes history

And as of the 73rd Emmy Award show that just passed, RuPaul is now the most-award person of color in Emmy history.

The Handmaid’s Tale & Harley Quinn…So Inspiring

Fantasy fare is once again upon us and we say, ‘Let The Latex Couture Shine!’ The Handmaid’s Tale Season four release date dropped this week. The many fans of Margaret Atwood’s bestselling novel, and the Hulu series launched in 2017 from it, have been waiting on the edge of their seats since season three ended …


Checking in with the Emmy’s, J.Lo and Margaret Atwood

Time to time here on our latex couture blog/culture alt. fashion blog, we like to check in with what celebrities and well-known persons are doing. Surely, the just-passed Fashion Weeks, the Emmy Awards, regular reality-star Instagram posts give us plenty of wardrobe fodder to comment on or expose, and this past week was no exception. Even Margaret Atwood weighed in.