The Markle Effect Continues

Red carpet photo ops at celebrity events and televised Hollywood award shows are certainly perfect opportunities for designers to show their latest across the bodies of our greatest. But nothing seems to effect the world like a royal lady.

The Force, Feminism and Christian Louboutin

The cosplay possibilities have always been of a high order with Star Wars, although it’s not so often we get to see latex styles in the mix of costuming. Most sci-fi, not just George Lucas’ masterpiece, gives us fans of fantasy and costuming lots to love. With the premier of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, mere days away, some real world fashion is coming into play over the movie, as Christian Louboutin celebrates the daring ladies in the space opera, in a most unique way.

Halloween Costumes For 2017

As always, Halloween will prove to be a wild romp for kids of all ages. So enjoy, be safe and dress-up as much as you dare.