Jean Bardot Interviews Team Dawnamatrix @ Montreal Fetish Weekend

At the past MFW we debuted our Space & Time collection, and finding ourselves in town pre that showing we found ourselves being interviewed on the famous Rue Ste.-Catherine by the wonderful Jean Bardot. As you will see on this video beautiful models walked by showing various Dawnamatrix pieces while Jean and Team Dawnamatrix had a good old jaw. There is Holy Scar wearing the Damask Vest, Nea Dune wearing the Long Sleeved Galaxy Dress Ian wearing the Angel Tank and Shea strutting like royalty in our Queen of Hearts gown

Constantly Considering Your Latex Wardrobe Groove

As these shots of our various Latexclothing will show, putting together an outfit, adding to your ‘look’, or even just fantasizing about what you want to wear, is something that can be easily pieced together (and to be sure, men’s clothing choices can be just as easily ‘considered’ from our wares ). These pictures were taken during the Montreal Fetish Weekend, where people were wearing/considering/enjoying their wardrobes to the fullest, utilizing the lovely model and woman-of-mystery Lalka Dollar Doll of Geneva Switzerland. Lalka walked for us for the debut of our Space & Time collection at MFW 2014 and Philip Faith, our photographer for these photos, has himself ‘considered’ many a fetish avant-garde pose and outfit in his celebrated career.

Rapper Wale, Collaborator Ashley Rose and a packed Cure Lounge Boston: The Amazing Latex & Lace Winter Fashion Show

The club was packed (always a good feeling) with lines around the block due to a surprise guest appearance by hip-hop recording artist Wale, our co-host for the evening. Wale has worked with Jay Z and Kayne and can boast (if he was that kind of a guy to do so) a rabid fan base. My collaborator for the event Ashley Rose Couture Designs and I couldn’t have been happier to have Wale there with us. His star presence really made the evening.