From Vera Wang’s Mouth To A Latex Wedding Dress

Creating our latex wedding gowns as we have, we have always encouraged brides to be as “free” and “inventive” as possible. And with the June bride season just about upon us, as we do every year, we wonder just what we might see in the fashion expression brides might show this year. 

Sara Blakely And The Great Wedding Dress Share

Indeed, it’s not the usual June bride season where we would see latex wedding gowns flying out of our studio. The pandemic has either significantly curtailed the big nuptial parties we usually see this time of year or, in some cases, have had couples postpone their ceremony altogether. But in a sure positive sign-of-the-times, Spanx …


Trending Wedding Couture

ut with March 1st now officially delineated as National Wedding Planning Day and Lyst (tracking over 10 million searches from 70 million brides in 2017) and Etsy (their expert Dayna Isom Johnson making the startling, and it seems the correct prediction that jumpsuits would be the newest wedding trend) releasing their wedding fashion trends for the year, we thought it might be time to weigh in about nuptial wardrobe for 2018.

Mariah Carey says “I Don’t” and Let’s It Burn

We don’t recommend Dawnamatrix customers throw one of our latex wedding gowns into a fire pit, but Mariah can pretty much do what she wants and still come through it as the diva she has always been.